May 10-11, 2012 UC Santa Barbara
Speculative Futures Graduate Colloquium

Thursday May 10, 2012 Location: Wallis Annenberg Conference Room, SSMS 4315

Panel 1: The Global

Moderator: Lindsay Thomas

“Free Accommodation and the High Costs of Working in Dubai” Anne Cong-Huyen

“Global Zoopoetics and the Possibility of Interspecies Translation” Thomas Doran

“Monsanto: Our Mortgage” Kevin Kearney & Katie Kelp-Stebbins

Panel 2: Population/Politics

Moderator: Allison Schifani

“Germs of Fear: Crowds, Contagion, and Control in the work of T.S. Eliot and Wyndham Lewis” Steven Pokornowski

“Disease Surveillance in Real Time” Lindsay Thomas

“Affective Weaponry: Viral Media in the Age of Late Capitalism” John A. Sweeney

4:00pm “Viral Visions: Disease Emergence and the Obscured Geography of Poverty” Keynote: Professor Priscilla Wald

Keynote Q&A Moderated by Dr. Scott Selisker


Friday May 11, 2012 Location: McCune Conference Room, HSSB 6020


Panel 3: Finance

Moderator: Katie Kelp-Stebbins

“Super Sad True Economic Story” Michelle Chihara

“Shadowboxing: The Futility of Middle Class Consumerist Terrorism in Fight Club” Can Aksoy

“Existential Risk and Logarithmic Reward: Plotting Humanity’s Future in Silicon Valley” Zach Horton

Panel 4: Time

Moderator: Kelly Kawar

“Are We Too Old to Speculate?” Andrew Kalaidjian

“New Witnessing, Old Testimony: Can Crowd-Sourcing Technology Help us Reimagine Indigenous Contagion Narratives?” Marcel Brousseau

“The Council of the Moth and the Unknowable Light Force” Nick Loewen

Lunch and Conclusion

Note: There is another Speculative Futures event beginning in the same room at 2pm. All conference participants are welcome to attend the symposium. It will feature two presentations by Professor Helen Nissenbaum and Professor Tom Streeter.

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